Burnontige is a typical small village surrounded by forests and meadows. Calmness, tranquility, peace, silence is all present. The reputation is already made; she's synonym for calmness, easy living and wellness. Its forests and meadows are strewn with villages, one lovelier than the other, rich in legends, traditions and gastronomical specialties. Many people who tasted the clean and vivifying air of the Ardennes never miss an opportunity to return.

Because every time there's something new or interesting to do : an afternoon in Redu, the small village dedicated to books, a safari at "Monde Sauvage", a visit to the caves of Remouchamps, a hike following the numerous tourist walking paths, a kayak descent of the "Ourthe"... Looking for a restaurant or to go for a little shopping, you'll find your choice Ferrières and the near town of Aywaille and why not, take a stroll on the "Petite Batte" market in Bomal on a sunday morning. It's almost impossible to give you a detailled list of all ativities in the ardennes, so take this as a first impression

Here below you'll find some images of the Ardennes, open your eyes wide, these sceneries are belgian!